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to address is corporate tax reform, in which case we could eliminate it. on defense spending, no question in my mind that additional reductions in defense spending are going to have to happen, are going to have to go forward and done in a way that focuses on strategic goals of protecting this country going forward. and yes, again, we are back to the same situation, balancing out those spending reductions, in defense, food stamps, child nutrition programs. we have to find a balance in order to stay on a path that is fiscally sound for our children and grandchildren. host: this is an editorial from "usa today," don't cut the big benefit programs. we must not balance the budget on the most vulnerable people in the country. what is his role in the conference effort? guest: he is going to make the case for the protection of the vulnerable members of our society and the benefits and the safety net society and that's a useful role that he plays. however, i would also say as i said at the outset that the basic problem here is that it's the entitlement programs, not is afety net programs, it the
services committee, has been very much involved putting those sanctions in place. alas national defense authorization act had the last tranche in that bill. i'm not one who has any sense at all and opposed to sanctions. as opposed, i am very for it. if we respond to this possibility in a negative way instead of being study and keeping sanctions in place, if we tighten the screws now when it looks as though, apparently against some opposition at home and in iran, that the iranian leadership may be willing to talk about ending, modifying, changing and making less threatening their nuclear program, and to response is negative, they could very well lose the very countries, particularly russia and china, who have stood with us to put sanctions in place internationally. it would weaken our current stations possibly, and i would say probably but at least possibly, for us to respond possibly, for us to respond rhetorically or through additional sanctions in a negative way before we have taken the couple of months that are needed to explore the reality as to whether there is a real change in ira
there and the defense minister in brussels before we afghanistan. feel that things have significantly improved and changed for the better during the last ten-year period. have been there perhaps 12 times or so. my staff who is with me today will tell me later on it was only 11 or it was really 13. have been there a lot. and the changes are pretty striking, particularly in the last few years. that is not the impression which the american people have and i will get into that in a moment. but that to me is the obvious fact that things have changed better.nged for the number of ways in afghanistan. first of all, it is more secure. is more secure because we came. it is that simple. we and our allies have made a difference. army,rowth of the afghan the strength of the afghan army on the police now, which has grown into a much more capable and respected force, including local police, which has made a major difference villages ofy in the afghanistan because they are directly connected to the elders in those villages. feared forcemost policeose 25,000 local feared by the taliban and because they are so
defense motions and justice needs to be served for nearly 3,000 people killed on september 11th. however, the defense attorneys want to do everything they can to save their clients lives, about the defendants, their capture and the torture they suffered. they also want the black sites where the defendants were held to be preserved as evidence. plus the lawyers want the government to stop monitoring their meetings with the defendants. >> i am bad news. >> and then there is this request: defense lawyers want all the information the government gave the producers of the movie zero dark 30. from the very beginning the defendants have moved to dismiss the case for what they call government bias. but it is highly unlikely that they can persuade the judge to do so given the importance of the case. >> part of why this has taken so long is we are walking through each issue very, very carefully because i think everyone realizes that the eyes of history are upon them. >> trying to balance the rights of the accused with the government's attempt to hold them accountable. no he feat. guantanamo bay, c
. beijing had a protest saying japanese troops disrupted live fire exercise but japan minister of defense has rejected the allegations. >> translator: keeping a strong surveillance presence is a completely normal activity and we can't except what china says. we are looking to protect the territory. >> reporter: 18,000 japanese troops are taking part in one of the biggest military drills ever and will simulate the storming of an island chain that china and japan lay claim to and it's an ex escalation of what is a bitter dispute between the two countries and robert mcbride reports. >> china and japan have been here before but both sides are talking and this is deeping and they send war planes into disputed air space and sea. the prime minister has warned his troops rid yourselves of the know shun that just the existence of a defense force could act as a deterrent and china warned any firing on the unmanned drone aircraft would constitute a serious provocation, an act of war of sorts and the question is how far will they back this up. >> both sides can be calculated and would lie and they
and perhaps another strike near damascus that has again not been confirmed. either by israel's defense ministry or by its government who have remained mute on the issue. if they were to make any comment , as they have in the past one of the strikes were attributed to israel, between four and five this year alone, but all we will hear from israeli officials is that israel will do what ever -- whatever it needs to, and that includes using force, in order to prevent weapons from being transferred into the hands of its enemies. so, according to anonymous sources, this would be a shipment of russian long-range missiles that would supposedly ollahnt to has bola -- hezb operating in southern lebanon. >> if indeed this was an arms shipment, why would israel strike now? what is the strategy here? >> the believe probably amongst the intelligence community and the military community in israel is at this point between four and five different strikes have already been attributed to israel. there has been absolutely no response from the shop al-assad, the embattled syrian president and how the chemi
to prove why they have to the best defense in the league. marcus cooper forces a fumble. and on his 29th birthday 23-13 the final. the chiefs are 9-and-0 for the first time since 2003. cowboys and vikings. the pass and and the snag. 26 yards scored and dallas up 13-50. and departmen dez bryant loves . and wave the checked bagging an fee. they take the defense into the end zone 140-yard and a score and 20-23. romo threads the needle and hits harris for the score. romo two touch downs and one int and cowboys win 27-23. >> sayinsan diego quarterback ls the n.f.l. in completioner completionpercentage. and allen and chargers still down three. rivers hits woodhead in a flat and ruled a touch down and take another look. woodhead did not get in. they settle for a 19-yard novak field goal to send this into over time. darrel young carried the ball twice all season and guess i gen a track play for one of his three touch downs. 30-24 in favor of the red skins. >> it's hewn. huge. and the fans want to have something to believe in and the players want to have something to believe in and the way our di
continue to prove why they have the best defense in the league. marcus cooper forces the fumble and watch the big fellow. on his 29th birthday he scoops and scores. they are 9-and-0 for the first time since 2003. >> every win you get in the national football league is a goodwin. is a good win. we rallied in the fourth quarter and did things better than we did early. the two touch doedownswere impo. >> roethlisberger dumps one in the end zone and a 24-24 ball game. tom brady 432 passing yard first time throwing for three or more touch downs this season. he had four today. with the patriots up and a five-yard touch down run and pats roll 55-31. >> the seattle se seahawks are f to their best start in history. wilson has never lost at home. wilson is 11-and-0 at home as a starter. third quarter action. and russe and russel son takes e keeper in for the score. >> wilson 213-yard and 2 touch downs and two int's and we are tied at 24 people. we go to overtime. and let's go home. the seahawks come from behind from 21 down. it was their biggest come from behind vicfrombehind victory ine history. >
attacks against us. it is definitely can clearly self-defense if we are going after groups that are plotting attacks against us. the underwear bomber and the attempt to bomb the cargo planes, all of a sudden some of these attacks were coming out of yemen, and we had to respond to that. i make no apologies for the fact that we targeted anwar al-awlaki. he was targeting us. that is the classic definition of self-defense. we should make that case unapologetically. but unfortunately, far too often we don't make it clear why we're doing this. now, i understand the need for secrecy. but we -- and we don't have to reveal all of it. but it is my personal opinion whenever we to a targeted strike whether it's a drone, whether it's sending in a special operations team, whatever it is, we need to at least briefly explain why. now, i realize some of these strikes are on the title 50 side, so they're secret. but that's our decision. we can reveal what we want to reveal. we don't have to reveal it all, but we do have to reveal enough to say this is why we hit this person. and it was clear
meeting withw days our commanders, our troops, president karzai. and the defense minister from brussels before he went to afghanistan. he feels that things have significantly improved and changed for the better during the last 10 years. i have been there perhaps 12 times or so. the staff later will tell me if it is really a 11 or 13. we've been there a lot. strikinges are pretty especially in the last few years. that is not the impression the american people have. that, to me, is the obvious fact that things have changed and changed for the better in afghanistan. first of all, it's more secure. we and our allies have made a the growth, the strength of the afghan army and the police now which has grown in a much more capable and respected force including the acal police, which has made major difference particularly in the villages about anna stan -- villages of afghanistan. the most feared force are those 25,000 local police feared by the taliban. because they are so directly ed to the homes and they become a major threat to the taliban control and success. they are a resilient force and
to the date before ricky alder's deadlty -- deadly attack, the department of defense testified to this committee, and this was in june of 2005, about the automated continuous evaluation system. and you all said you are going to continuously evaluate the background. mr. prioletti, in your written statement, you noted three years earlier in 2008 -- three years later, from the 2005 testimony you gave before his committee, -- this committee, president bush directed by his executive order that an individual who is -- shallfor classified be subject to continuous evaluation. that was an executive order back in 2008. i know we heard today, we're working on this. we heard we have an interagency working group. we're developing a concept of operations. i wrote this down. we're doing research. this has been going on now for a decade. a decade. if you testified in 2005, was going on in 2004, maybe more than a decade. so here we are. it's five years after the executive order, eight years after this committee heard about the plans, and we're dealing with the tragedy at the navy yard. i don't
, i mean, we -- we'd say snap is the first line of defense against hunger, and a food pantry or soup kitchen is the last line of defense. when you take away resources from snap more people will be turning to food pantries or soup kitchens. >> the pressure turns to you, right? >> exactly. >> to try to raise the money to fill the gap. >> uh-huh. >> and is it possible? i mean can we see a rally in support for this in order to help feed these people or not? >> no. >> really? >> i mean that's the short answer. the amount of food being taken away as a result of these cuts is more than we distribute in the entire year and we're the biggest food bank in the country, and we rely on thousands to do the work we do, and a single stroke of a legislative pen can take away more food than we put out in a year. >> so you are thinking about the winter and about the holidays coming up. >> yeah, you know, for 75% of people who receive snap and use food panties and soup kitchens, their benefits are gone by the third week of the month. we have thanksgiving and hanukkah coming in the third week of this mon
have seen that no defense evidence was called whatsoever. my clients have no right to appeal. rather than seek their extradition before the trial started, the government decided to forego that and go for a sensationalist victory, which has more to do with the upcoming election and little to do with justice. >> can i ask you an historical question. why did both men flee bangladesh after the war of independence in "71. if they weren't guilty of anything, what were they fleeing from. >> my understanding, certainly from chowdhury mueen-uddin - he responded to that question. to say that they fled is an unfair characterisation of what happened. they both supported the unity of pakistan on a political standpoint. neither supported the military action, and they have distanced themselves from it. mr chowdhury mueen-uddin for example, returned several times to bangladesh over the last 40 years, as never attempted to conceal his whereabouts, and has not shied away from these allegations. he has said, quite openly - he said it to this news station and publicly - that he is prepared to put himsel
forward the lead of the defense. he was a presidential candidate but he wasn't allowed to act on behalf of mohamed morsi, as you're hearing. he's saying that he doesn't respect the legitimacy of the court. when he explained to us that the judge put the charges to morse any, the charge to incite murder, he didn't respond and didn't recognize that the court is a legitimate court. and we're hearing some of the lawyers for the other muslim brotherhood defendant who is were standing newspaper court and shouting down with the military, down with the military leaders, and people on the journalistic bench shouting to morsi execute him, execute him. he wants to defend himself even though he does not believe there are proceedings to be defended. one of the lawyers outside of the court explain why they were not that concerned. >> we're sure the president will be able to defend himself. let me stress that morsi was like a lion in the court. he said, i'm the legitimate president. he didn't like the judiciary to be part of the coup. >> shthey didn't seem to dispere after the trial was adjourned. >> y
intelligence with the israeli defense forces. us state department has declined to confirm or deny the report washington's national security agency spying on high priority israeli military targets in york times reported on nov third in a seven page article based on documents leaked by performer and as a contractor that were snowed in all the in depth overview the tales highly classified documents leaked by snowden they include document outlining the american intelligence agencies monitoring of israeli targets namely israel defense forces drone aircraft and israel's black sparrow missile system classified documents leaked to the report further confirm the reports of past cooperation between the nsa any of the idf signal intelligence unit eighty two under it would try clearly cheese raw materials ok my signals intelligence that is by spying. top obama administration officials have in the past praised israel's intelligence capabilities and express gratitude for receiving access to it. new york times report comes on the heels of our age in europe over the revelation that the us listen in on europ
the foreign and defense ministers to escort the four hostages home to their inpatient loved ones. >> it is as if he is restarting the conversation we were having just a few days ago. i mean he is restarting where we were in our daily lives but with our own way of doing things. it is quite extraordinary. it is such a relief that what we have been waiting for for three years has finally happened. it hasn't sunk in. no, we are not dreaming. this is for real. >> we have been fighting for three years. and now, the news is extraordinary. i can hardly find the words. >> our happiness is indescribable. i think we will never feel anything like this again in our lives. after so much time spent in anxiety and uncertainty. we have faith in our family members and knew that we would hold on as we were doing. >> that is a long time. >> i can feel very compassionate towards the families on another level because during those years, my daughter had been working in that part of the world. everyday, we think about this issue going to be taken. it makes me realize that there is an uneival flibo thest
with the stars" pro,5a derek hough, speaking out in defense of julianne. >> derek hough on the defense. >> she is so sorry. >> his first words on sister, julianne's, black facet( i]scan. her controversial costume, a takeoff on "orange is the new black." >> she didn't mean anything by it. 1 >> howt( is she doing? >> she is beside herself. sorry. she really is. lessont( learned. >> derek and the "dancing" cast rallying around julianne after the show at mixology. >>v make a mistake? >> i think it was an innocent mistake. she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. >> derek dancing despite an old back injury that nearly forced him out of the ballroom. >> diszing down here, taking stuff to help it go down. >> jack opening up about thefá toll ms is taking on him? >> i get fatigue and is common with ms. >> his mom, sharon, revealing she wanted jack to quit the show. >> irsaid toe@"im you whyxd don you just throw in the towel and you just throw ihrj like, how d? i never will do that. >> just her being overprotective? >> she is more concerned about my health than she is about me wynning you "dancing wit
more defensive in her responses, rather than yesterday. yesterday was the apology, today, what they're doing to fix it. >> we're hearing a lot in the last few days about americans receiving notices that they will not be renewed next year for their health care insurance. can we expect specifics today from secretary sebelius? >> not quite sure how many specifics we're going to get beyond yesterday. they're trying to explain the difference between president obama saying if you have health insurance, you'll be ail to keep it. in fact, some people are being thrown off the roles. they will explain that there was some fine print there, which basically meant if your health insurance plan changed after the health care law took effect, then it was possible that you would not be able to continue to keep that, but if it was the same before the health care law took effect, then you can keep it. obviously, it's very confusing and it's not exactly in line with what the president said. that's a huge contribution that the white house and see bellous are going to have a hard time explaining. >> we'll
i know trying to work and keep the defense department focused and dealing with 3 million americans who serve courageously in that department, i know they count on your leadership and you are doing an outstanding job under very difficult circumstances. 100 100 years. i'm honored by the purpose of the anti-defamation league to , fight for equality and equal justice. this country was founded on the principles. the veryds us of purpose of our democracy and that makes all of you great american patriots. [applause] i think i first learned about l when i was in congress and i have the opportunity to be able to learn about it. i stayed with several members of us who stayede of in washington. we stayed together. i think it's fair to say it was animal house on capitol hill. [laughter] one of the members as pointed out in the photograph was chuck schumer, someone you all know and has a tremendous passion for israel. the bottom of the house in this living room area and we made a bed. i tried to get him to say a hail mary and he made me say the shema. we tried to cover all the bases and we did.
is it different from self defense? the original stand your ground law was en acted by florida lawmakers in 2005. by more than 20 other states since this then. a version of self defense but with a twist. with self defense, you must e escape if you have a safe opportunity to do so. with stand your ground, you can stay and defend yourself. it also expands the castle doctorine number you are allowed to go. we asked our legal contributor, jamie floyd for more insight into that law. >> stand your ground in florida is a motion you bring before you really get to trial. you say to the judge, look, judge. i don't even need to get to trial. i was standing my ground. this was a justifiable homicide. i was justified in killing this person because it was kill or be killed. and if the judge agrees with you, there is no trial. >> two mothers in florida have experienced stand your ground laws on a very personal level. sabrina fulton, the mother of trayvon martin and sab breathe a bath have lost their children to gun violence. shooters in each case believed they were justified. now, ms. fulton and ms. mcbath are
, we heard from prosecution lawyers and lawyers for the civil parties. they've been rebutting defense statements. the fourth expulsion took place under inhumane conditions and not made with record to the safety and security of the people. it set the tone for how khmer rouge soldiers treated the population. there was a disregard of basic human rights of the population. people were given no choice whether or not they wanted to leave piyong penn. some made the journey wearing only the clothes they had. there was no time to pack food, or whether you were healthy, sick, young or old. they all had to make the journey to the countryside without knowing where they were heading to. there was no food or medicine. many died. >> a city of 2 million emptied in less than a day. it's normally busy streets quiet. 17 april 1975 marked the start of a reign of terror for many cam bodians. that morning khmer rouge soldie soldiers marched into the victory as victors. the people welcomed them. hours later they were ordered to leave for the countryside. this person was living in pyong penh. >> we were told
on the defensive about its medical care program. the secretary of state got an earful while the penalty promoted it. we have more from washington. >> before there was obamacare, there was romney care, the massachusetts law that was a model for the affordable care act. visiting boston, president obama said the comparison still holds. >> because you guys had a proven model that we built the affordable care act on this template. >> the president spoke in the same spot where mitt romney, his former rival signed the massachusetts law seven years ago. with many now having their existing health care plans canceled, even after he repeatedly promised they could keep them, the president now says they'll be happier with the new plan. >> if you're getting one of these letters, just shop around in the new marketplace. you're going to get a better deal. >> but for some, that deal could mean higher monthly costs than they paid under their old plan. >> will you go into the exchanges -- >> i -- >> if you can, will you? >> on capitol hill, republicans attacked the changes and person in charge of them, health and hum
individuals in absenta and sentence them to death is deplorable. you may have seen no defense evidence was called whatsoever. my clients have no light to appeal and rather than seek extradition before the trial started the government decided to forego that and go for a sensationalist victory, which has more to do with the upcoming election. to say that they fled is unfair characterisation of what happened. they both supported the unity of pakistan on a political standpoint. neither of them supported the military action, and they have distanced themselves from that. chowdhury mueen-uddin, for example, has returned several times to bangladesh over the last 40 years, has never attempted to conceal his whereabouts, and has not shied away from these allegations. he has said quite openly, to this news station and publicly that he is quite prepared to put himself before a credible judicial process, but this is not a credible judicial process. >> intense fighting between m23 rebels and the military outside the democratic republic of congo. the rebels control only three hill areas near the rwan
wendy davis was shot and killed in florida last year by a man citing the law in his defense. >> the person that shot and killed my son is walking the streets today. and this law does not work. >> sabrina fulton is the mother of trayvon martin, he was shot and killed by george zimmerman. the case made headlines and put the law in the national spotlight. george zimmerman did not sues stand-your-ground as his defense, claiming self-defence. the judge cited an aspect of stand-your-ground during jury instructions. the overlapping elements of stand-your-ground and self-defence can be confusing, with self-defence you would go to trial to convince a judge or jury. with stand-your-ground, it's a motion considered even before trial. >> i was justified in killing this person because it was kill or be killed. >> if the judge agrees with you, there is no trial. >> in washington lawmakers are looking at all sides of this argument - hearing from supporters of the law. >> they protect law-abiding citizens leaving a place where they are allowed to be >> reporter: is there anything congress
upon its conventional forces for defense of the realm, and where it was able to work out a stalemate with the invading forces from iraq under saddam hussein. after eight years of disastrous, costly in treasure and lives, war. so the record from the outset has been against the use of weapons of mass destruction. however, there's the capability, and i know a little bit about the capability. i've studied it. for much of my adult life. it happens that when i was assigned to iran as the junior diplomat in 1959, one of my first tasks was to accompany david lilienthal, the former head of the atomic energy commission, on his trip around iran. he was in retirement. he was head of an energy company that worked with the plan organization of iran on its energy needs for the coming centuries. and he developed a plan of hydra gas fired, coal-fired, and nuclear power plants that would supply the energy needs of iran. and that original plan had a proposal of 22 reactors, nuclear reactors. to for each host. of course, that was a grand plan not feasible in the immediate circumstances. but certainly ov
by accident and lived to tell about it, yes. in the faa's defense, there's a difference between idol cell phones on takeoff and landing and dozens of devices uploading and downloading data. it made sense to go slowly. it makes sense to go this. concerns about passengers being distracted during risky times of flight. when things go wrong on rare occasions they do, it happens during takeoff and landing. books and magazines distract us too. that argument didn't hold much water. it made sense to wait. >> i understand the argument that maybe they are distracted. but i just - what i don't really understand is why it took so long to determine electronically and to do all the technical studies that they need that show that it never had any effect. as you say, there were plenty of people who probably had their phones on. >> no, no question. and look, the faa has sort of taken the global lead in doing this. different parts of the world have gone at different speeds. there are places in the world where you can use a cell phone during flight. you can't do that in the united states. but the faa, in th
exercises but minister of defense rejects allegations. >> translator: keeping a strong surveillance presence is a completely normal activity and we cannot accept what china says. we are looking to protect territory. >> reporter: and it's part of a dispute between china and japan over islands they both say they own, 18,000 japanese troops are currently in the area taking part in one of the biggest military drills ever and in okinowa and it pretends them to storm the disputed island chain and known here. >> reporter: china and japan have been here before and they are talking tougher than ever, the dispute over territory is deepening and they sent war planes into disputed air space and push boats contested boundaries at sea and they warmed troops rid yourself of the notion that it could act as a deterrent and china warned that any firing on the unmanned drone aircraft would constitute a serious provocation, an act of war of sorts and the question is how far they will backup rhetoric. >> they would like to be known they are doing the best for their country. >> reporter: previously the
and the trial of dr. martin macneil, prosecutors say he drugged and drowned his wife in the bathtub. defense lawyers argue michelle macneil died of heart disease. today a cardiologist suggesting she had only a mild form of heart disease that would not have killed her. also the prosecution calling forensic pathologist dr. joshua perper as expert witness. testified died as a result of drowning. ed said drugs could have played a role in her deck. you may recognize dr. perper, he was the medical examiner in the anna nicole smith's case. and that is tonight's speed read. you have heard it over and over and over since october 1st. americans struggling to get through on the obama care web site. so you are never going to believe this one. actually, maybe you will. our next guest says his application went through, even though he did not submit it. now, how did that happen? a former president of the association for software testing. he joins us. ben, so what happened with your application? >> well, i had started an application and filled out much of the application and got to the end and there were th
of killing his wife. his defense team insists that his wife died of natural causes. several medical witnesses are expected to take the stand today in what is expected to be another dramatic day in this murder trial. alicia acuna is live from our denver bureau with more on this. >> reporter: hi, jenna. we're hearing from a forensic pathologist, an expert witness who was hired by the prosecution. some people know him as the medical examiner from florida who performed the autopsy on anna nicole smith. he testified he was brought on to the case and given tissue sample slides and autopsy reports of michelle macneill to study. take a listen. >> my opinion was michele died as a result of drowning and in addition to that she had some drugs which were not in fox kohl logical levels but, in my opinion, could have contributed to her death. >> reporter: she was found in a bathtub in her home fully clothed by her 6-year-old daughter in 2007. her death was initially ruled natural causes as a result of cardiovascular disease. that was amended by utah's chief medical examiner to undetermined and to include d
of the defense. >> there has been another setback t. website's data center crashed sunday. it brought enrollment in all 50 states to a screeching halt. athena jones is following the development for us from the white house. >> reporter: good morning, chris. this is more bad news when it comes to obama care. the man in charges of fixing the job website says it will be running smoothly by the end of to have. this is another major meltdown raising questions about that. another major stumble for the problem riddled website >> it's better today than it was on october 1st. it's a long way from perfect. >> visitors applied sunday and couldn't apply for health care coverage. the vendor for verizon, quote, experienced a failure in a networking component. >> that service connected to the irs and other databases. the company says they're working to fix the problem. >> what you are seeing here is a gap in innovation and a gap in execution. >> reporter: maked with heck technical issue, ridiculed on late night tv. >> the site was only designed to handle six users a
defense saved us, our offence bill was out. hats off to them. >> michigan state hosting michigan. 23 seconds left. connor cook fades back. fowler is open. michigan state's defense was tenacious. holding the wolverines to mines us 48 yards rushing, due to seven - i said seven sacks. at one point michigan state quarterback devon gardner on three straight plays. the spartans close the deal. 40 out of 120 rushing yards. 29-6. spartans won five of the last six meetings. >> a wild finish. watch this. korn huskers looked done. they marched down the field, ron kellog the third with desperation, hail mary into the end zone, tipped and caught by junioredan wester camp - are you killing me. nebraska with a winner. turning to the nfl. dna ver broncos head coach john fox will undergo heart surgery. he'll be away from the team. he had been toldful his heart condition and hoped to delay surgery until after the season. fox felt dizzy while playing golf. his doctor recommended he undergo ai otheric valve surgery. the team has not named an interim coach. >> earlier the boston red sox clinched the worl
, i think the president should stop apologizing and stop being defensive. the reality is the nsa has saved thousands of lives not just in the united states but in france, germany and throughout europe. the french is someone to talk. they carried out operations against the united states, the government and industry. as far as germany, that's where the hamburg plot began which led to 9/11. they've had dealings with iran and iraq, north korea, and the french and the germans in european countries. we're not doing it for the fun of it. this is to gather valuable intelligence which helps not just us but also helps the europeans. >> but it's deep. we were apparently bugging angela merkel's phone from the time she was an opposition leader in germany back in 2002. again, i understand why this is done. i cover these issues, but i think a lot of people watching us right now are thinking, what is it we're doing? you mentioned the hamburg plot. we share intelligence with germany. they're allies in this fight, not someone to be looked at so skeptically. >> first of all, we do share intelligence an
casualties. one was intercepted by a missile defense system. the other fell into open ground. no casualties reported. the israelis did strike back as i say launching the air strikes a few hours ago hitting concealed rocket launching sites inside the gaza strip. palestinian officials say that -- confirmed the air strikes took place but say there were no injuries either. now, it's been very quiet in the gaza trip the last several months particularly because a peace process backed by the secretary of state of the united states in general under way between the israelis and palestinians and not clear if the rocket attacks were launched in that. they were release another 26 palestinian prisoners held in israeli jails as a confidence measure to try to promote the peace process. >> matthew, nearly a year since the cease-fire deal was struck but the last few weeks it seems to have entered a new phase with israeli destroying a smuggling tunnel into gaza. are there fears that these air strikes and the missile launches over the last day could escalate into a new really hot conflict between the two side
. an enemy with fantasies martyrdom. >> rose: he was secretary of defense under president george h.w. bush and press of staff to gerald ford. heart disease threatened his life in the course of his political career. he suffered five heart attacks the first at the age of 37. reconciled himself to dying three years ago when he was at end stage heart failure. a heart transplant in 2012 saved his life. he talks about his experiences for the first time in the new book, it is called heart, an american medical odyssey. he wrote it with the cardiologist dr. jonathan reiner who will be joining us later. i'm please to do have dick cheney back on this program. welcome. >> thank you charlie. >> rose: everybody says the same thing. you look great. you know that. >> compared to what i did, no, three years ago, i was in big big trouble. but they got me -- >> rose: you were thinking about the end. >> i was. i had hours to go, i had lived the full life and grateful for it but i fully expected i hadn't reached the end of my days. my heart was starting to shut down, liver and kidneys no longer receiving an
this year we saw the rigid requirements that harmed the department of defense when president obama's sequester took place. before these cuts, the nonpartisan congressional budget office said our defense program was already underfunded by 5% with modernization underfunded by 10%. thankfully, congress took quick action that allowed the d.o.d. to operate under a budget in order to meet all of their nisscal requirements and have more flexibility as they asosh the across-the-board sequester cuts. general odierno revealed just this week that two army brigades are combat ready and training has come to a halt. this is a terrifying reality given that only two months ago president obama addressed congress and the public asking for support for a military attack on syria. we absolutely cannot send our troops who are not trained, not equipped and not prepared into harm's way. our military readiness should never ever be threatened like this. as the world's superpower, our armed forces must be ready to deploy thousands of troops, should the need arrives. it is downsizing in afghanistan and prepar
five thousand troops might be stationed in the country miami's defense minister says they do not have a rematch to patrol the dow. in it. the man in full sets of them only on the light the un ministry troops do not control quito. because by necessity can tell benefits missile two separate states this. alimony and forces that are deployed to the north of the sky to be permanently present on several fronts and with the armed militia groups are roaming the streets of key dow falls on all that is now liam counterpart abraham to the cockpit to finally solve that the state of affairs cannot continue nothing will be used to put his talks aimed at ending will be three years of bloodshed and syria have been turned to confusion to make us suffer the syrian national council president. mattel announced said that to the opposition won't attend peace talks in geneva. unless is a clear time frame for president bush on all aspects of the power bill said adding that the commission would accept the presence of a ring in the kitchen is out the table yesterday. the new geneva to attack piracy we say no t
with existence anywhere else in the world, and the only place where we can have the dignity of self-defense and the freedom and liberty of running our lives as we believe to be, the way is here in a state of our own. so this is a deep argument going on for many years within the religious world of israel. >> i work with jews and christians. and there is no problem to live with jews and problems to live with political policy aside and to live together. christian and muslims never had problem to live together. in syria, live and learn. in iraq, they live together, so it's not a problem. the problem is when one is wanting to reign and to control- that's a problem. if the jews can trust to share with us the holy land, it's okay. but not to control, not to reign, not to occupy, not to, you know, humiliate people, like what's going on in the west bank. >> and it's hard to believe that when somebody will take his land to give up and to say, "okay, let's have peace, and our land is with them," it's so difficult to believe, and if we look here, and the mountains that is our land here, and israel. the
them of these weapons on so that excuse del longer exists. it's the best line of defense is a good sense that's the tactic that could be adopted by edward snowdon the whistleblower might get the chance to fight against the nsa in spying scandal angela merkel and still have for you. the search for greener pastures. monsanto were the european financial crisis his heart and migrants in italy leaving thousands out in the streets without a job at all. or hope the first in britain sometimes being the deck committing crimes to secure your future especially if your car at center was revealed the newly formed u k cyber defence unions looking for reinforcements from the ranks of its convicted inmates that says barr smith reports. life in times of the house had the most liberal city from cruising to a thunderous bass to bind up in prison. so what governments. it does help that the uk who plays the victim and forth and knights officials that makes the kids enjoyed hiring can be sometimes had to stop the units. the implications like that in the headlights it's a place that governments to have p
the washington face a tough task - how to slow down the denver bronko defense. peyton manning and company are on pace to destroy the single-season passing yard and touchdown record. 21-7, peyton manning to drieson. broncos up 21-14. next possession in this one. screep pass -- screen pass. 35 yards to the promise land. we are all tied up. broncos up 28-21. there's more where that came from. manning another screen pass. he's off to the best patch of the grass. 35 yard touch done, 38-21. robert injured his left knee doing the intersection. kurt cousins comes in to save the day. this is not what was in mind. cousins picked up by dominic. he's off to the races. 45-21 the final. afc north leading bankles, this was the andy dalton show. first goal for cincinnati, touchdown. second quarter on third on goal, andy dalton. jones with the snag. right before the half, dalton goes to - guess who, yes, marvin jones. notice the trend. jones out of bounds but the call reversed. dalton and jones hook up in the third for a fourth time. that's a franchise record for a quarterback receiver touchdown. dalton
stop apologizing, stop being defensive. the reality the nsa saved thousands of lives not just in the united states but france, germany and throughout europe. the french are someone to talk. the fact they have carried out spying operations against the united states, both government and industry. as far as germany that is where the hamburg plot began to 9/11. they had dealings with iran, iraq, north korea, french and germans and other european countries. we're not doing this for the fun of it. this gathers valuable intelligence that helps not just us but the europeans. >> but -- martha: we'll talk about that coming up with peter king. the congressman will join us later this hour, 9:30. bill: what do you think at home? does america apologize too much? send us a tweet all morning, @billhemmer, @marthamaccallum. we'll get to them a little bit later today. there was a time we would fix all this stuff, right? our view of the world. how the world views us. some of this polling would suggest exactly the opposite. martha: all the world leaders know they have been bugged but they don't l
the laws make possible the right to self defense. her son was killed by george zimmerman, the man who sparked the debate stand your ground law. >>> tom foley was honored with a memorial service in congress. the democrat served 30 years as a house of representative. he served as speaker of the house from 1990 to 1995. president obama and clinton attended today's ceremony. >> good afternoon, i'm meteorologist kvin corriveau. well, today it feels like winter in the west and the north, and it feels like spring and early fall in the southeast and the east. let's break it down a little bit for you because this is the time of year where we get a lot of changes in the atmosphere and that's exactly what we have here. a lot of rain. we have mixed precipitation which is dangerous. we're talking about freezing rain, especially in the overnight hours. that's where we see some of these pinks as well as snow. now for the west, though, the temperatures are quite low. the snow is tapering off earlier at the beginning of the week. we saw in some locations, 8 to 10 inches of accumulation just in the ten
. >> so much has gone wrong for the cardinals from sloppy defense in game one to even last night when their playin plane gn late on the tarmac, with all that said, two reasons why the cardinals can get this done tonight. number one, a hit of history. this team is 8 and 1 when facing elimination games in the last nine times they've done that. and also pitcher michael wacha. overall he's four and owe with the e era of 1.00. with him on the mound they have a chance to win this game. >> now 40 games in the nba on wednesday. and the heat begin their new sin with the win over the chicago bulls. before the game got under way a new championship banner was unveiled, and the players showed off their new rings. derrick rose played for his first game since injury sidelined him in april 2012. he could only manage 20 points and the night instead showed lebron james who led the heat to their season opening win. five-time grand slam champion hingis. her boyfriend said that her mother hit him while she struck him. the police will decide on possible further action. >>> in cricket i, the u.s.a.yese bail
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